Meghan Rose is a writer, performer, and producer living in Brooklyn, NY. She is classically trained in piano and ‘did well, but not well enough’ in competitions, which led to writing her own material and becoming addicted to being in bands. She taught herself guitar at 16, joined a ska band in college at UW-Madison and has hopped from band to band and genre to genre ever since. 

  Currently, she fronts and writes in two bands: The Loud Soft Loud based in Brooklyn, and Damsel Trash based in Madison, Wisconsin. The Loud Soft Loud is the best retro rock Meg has to offer, and Damsel Trash is high-energy screamy queercore punk.

  Meghan also composed the music for a musical theater piece called Held: A Musical Fantasy. The show was accepted as a Developmental Reading into the New York Musicals Festival (NYMF) with performances in July, 2018.


  In 2008 she started americana outfit Little Red Wolf with Emily Mills, Kelly Maxwell, and Laura Detert. The quartet quickly became a Madison favorite, winning 2009's Best New Local Band in the Isthmus Annual Manual. The group has released two albums, If Only We Were Just Like We Are (2010), and Junk Sparrow (2015), the latter Meg produced.

  In 2012 Meg branched out from Little Red Wolf's pretty harmonies and learned how to scream. She performed as Courtney Love in The Heroins, a Hole tribute band, which has enjoyed continued popularity in Madison, and makes sure Meg bleaches her hair multiple times a year.

  The same year Meg learned how to play bass in order to join rock group I Saw the Creature with guitarist Jake Ripp-Dieter. The band became a finalist in Madison's 2014 BandSwap competition, winning an album production package, so their EP You Are Singer was born, again produced by Meg. The song Tear It Down has been remixed by DJ Pain1 and You Told Me won the 2015 MAMA for Blues Song of the Year.

  Since discovering her rock voice, Meg's restlessness helped spawn Damsel Trash, a feminist queercore punk/thrash duo with Little Red Wolf drummer Emily Mills. The two pride themselves on their witty stage banter, offensive lyrics, ridiculous outfits, and gifts of sugary snacks for the audience. Meg produced Damsel Trash's debut album and magnum opus Soup For Sluts in 2014, which received a Madison Area Music Award (MAMA) for Best Punk/Hard Rock Album.

  She continued to stretch her vocal pipes in 2014 to perform as Janis Joplin in another Halloween tribute band, The Bobby McGees. Meg was able to sink an entire bottle of Southern Comfort during the show, and still remain upright. Fans have told her that she is like Janis Joplin with better technique, and Courtney Love if she could actually play guitar. Meg humbly said "I'll take it" both times and continues to respect the hell out of both idols.

  After saving up a lot of money and vacation time, she traveled to Canada with Emily and Jake to record with Neko Case's producer, Darryl Neudorf. After a year of writing and 10 days in the studio, the raw and personal solo debut In Your Bones was released in February 2015 to excellent reviews, and being called "one of the best recordings to come out of this city [Madison]" -Rick Tvedt, Local Sounds Magazine.

  Meghan and guitarist Jake Ripp-Dieter produced a second album released under Meghan Rose & The Bones on March 26, 2016 in Madison called As You Should which is currently only available for streaming and download on Bandcamp.



  Meg accidentally got into music direction when she auditioned to be in the chorus for Anything Goes, and became the replacement director halfway through the show. Since then she has been in the pit and directed music and chorus for several shows including Xanadu (2014) and Bare (2015) at The Bartell Theater, for both of which she received a Bartie Award for Best Music Direction.

  In 2010, she co-wrote a musical called Z-Town: The Zombie Musical, which also received a successful run at The Bartell Theatre and went on to the 2012 New York Fringe Festival. The show was recently produced by a middle school which gives Meg much to squee about. That version of Z-Town has a completel score and youth-adapted script and is now available for licensing for schools and theaters ages 13 and up.

  Held: A Musical Fantasy is her most recent theatrical project, enjoyed the most well-attended four-week run in the history of Madison's Broom Street Theater in May 2015. The show was a very close collaboration between Meghan (original score and music direction) and Little Red Wolf's Kelly Maxwell (book, lyrics, stage direction). Visit the link above for synopsis and to listen to the soundtrack. Held had its East Coast premier at the 2016 NY Fringe Festival, and was produced as a Developmental Reading at the New York Musicals Festival (NYMF) in July 2018.




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Alternative Album of the Year 2016, 'In Your Bones', MAMA

Alternative Song of the Year 2016, 'Can't Stay', MAMA

Cover Band of the Year 2016, Gold Dust Women, MAMA

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I'm not one thing, I am many things. I try to express that in my songs. Also, if it's fun to play, then it's good. If you're trying to tell the truth, then it's even better.



Courtney Love, Fiona Apple, Neko Case, Jenny Lewis, Liz Phair